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Death of Mourning by Sudha Mehta

The Film looks at the emotional core of loss and the need to acknowledge it. An experiential, personal film, it explores grief through the rituals and after-life belief systems of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.

A journalist and feature writer, Sudha Mehta has been exploring different aspects of social, lifestyle norms and films in her writing. An ardent devotee of all kinds of cinema, she took a year off to do a documentary filmmaking course so she could tell her own stories. Death of Mourning is her first film, a deeply personal project.

  • Writer: Sudha Mehta
  • Editor: Biswajit Das
  • Cinematographers: Biswajit Das, Pitin Pegu
  • Sound Recordists: Ajinkya Kulthe, Bijay Mahanti
  • Sound Designer: Parthasarathi Sanyal
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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