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Shadows on the Roads by Srijan Nandan

Delhi has undergone such extraordinary upheavals and change in the last decade and a half that it has all but drowned in its own grand narratives. Through the stories of those who live and earn their livelihood on the streets of Delhi, the Film presents a different view of the city.

Delhi International Film Festival
International Film Festival of Nepal, Dharan

After a post-graduation in social work, Srijan Nandan has been an active participant in initiatives related to social change and development, addressing challenges faced by Dalits, women and marginalised groups. Over the last five years, he has made several films on human rights issues and supported various social campaigns through them.

  • Cinematography: Ranjan Kumar, Srijan Nandan
  • Sound: Vipin Verma
  • Editing: Hemant Kumar
  • Music: Gaurav Chintamani
  • Script: Surender Panthri
  • Research: Kapil Sharma, Srijan Nandan
  • Video Graphics: Vipin Verma, Debasis Basuri
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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