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The Wall by Varun Trikha

A portrait of post-colonial Goa, through the unique relationship of a woman with her living room wall. The 450 years of Portuguese colonial rule in Goa had religion take the centrestage to strengthen its control over the territory. The Film articulates the repercussions of this colonial experience in today's Goa through some experiences of faith.

Varun Trikha is a documentary filmmaker based in New Delhi. He was trained as an
Ethicist at King's College, London, and as a non-fiction filmmaker at SACAC, New Delhi. His documentary The Seventh Wish screened widely, including at Yamagata, Japan, and won a number of awards. Varun is currently directing a feature-length Estonian-Finnish non-fiction co-production.

  • Assistant Directors: Siddesh Naik, Jagdeesh Velip
  • Cinematographer: Varun Trikha
  • Additional Cinematographers: Vandita Jain, Deep Sawant
  • Sound Recordists: Varun Trikha, Swaroopnath Bhatra
  • Audio Editor, Mixer: Asheesh Pandya
  • Editor: Varun Trikha
  • Narrator: Ranjan Palit
  • Colorist: Manpriya Makhni
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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