Koothu by Sandhya Kumar

Koothu, a living theatre tradition from Tamil Nadu, brings to life stories about gods, demigods, kings and demons from Indian epics. During the festival season, many koothu companies tour the countryside, often commissioned by villages to perform for several consecutive nights. Despite its enduring rural popularity, because of its low-caste associations, koothu struggles to find place and patronage in urban art circles. The Film delves into the art, aesthetics and politics surrounding koothu through the work of two koothu masters, P. Rajagopal and Sambandan Thambiran.

Chennai; Madurai; Mumbai; Thrissur; Trivandrum; India

Sandhya Kumar is a Film and Communications graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute and Jamia Millia University. Her documentary O Friend, This Waiting! won the National Film Award for its unconventional exploration of the Devadasi tradition in South India. Sandhya is a trustee of Vikalp Bengaluru, a filmmakers collective committed to creating platforms for documentary films to reach wider audiences.

  • Associate Director: Justin McCarthy
  • Assistant Director: Grace Mary Sukanya
  • Cinematographers: Srikanth Kabothu, Saumyananda Sahi
  • Location Sound Recordists: Christopher Burchell, Shyamsunder
  • Editor: Sandhya Kumar
  • Titles and Graphic Designer: Anand Kalpakassery
  • Tamil Translators: T. Jayashree, Magdaline Tiruba
  • Colour Corrrection: Amith Surendran
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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