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Made in India by Soniya Kirpalani

Machines have taken over India's traditional crafts cultures, making 23.5 million craft-artisans vulnerable. Rajeev Sethi takes us on a journey to understand the rich diversity of our craft and its creators and their extreme conditions. India's marginal infrastructure is harnessed by global brands to produce the cheapest options for global high streets while Indian brands swiftly become uncompetitive. Tarun Tahiliani kickstarted a small design industry, convincing India's emerging talent to come showcase together, but corruption and vested interests stem their growth. Will both these creators be able to bring change and establish that Made in India, For India, By Indians is the only way to go?

Winner of several prestigious international awards, Soniya Kirpalani has earned accolades as one of the top 25 Asian Achievers from Dubai for her exemplary work across all media platforms. In 2009, she launched Sprocket Science Films to syncopate the visual sensitivities of Asia, Arabia and Africa, working committedly using media to raise awareness on challenging issues and affect change. From her first film Dobuy on, her films have earned her 43 nominations/ 19 international film festival awards (including National Awards in UAE and India, MipDoc CoFund Award/ IDFA-Bertha Investigative Journalism Award/ 2 Puma Impact Award Nominations/ HotDocs).

  • Co-Directors, Cinematographers: Aditi Sharma, Saurabh Vishwakarma
  • Editor: Yasha Ramchandani
  • Post Producer: Kiran Channar
  • Orignal Score: Mango Jam
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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