Mod Bhaang by Renu Savant

Shot through the monsoon in the creek of Mirya village, the Film is a documentation of its fisherfolk, recording their unfolding presence and fishing work. It brings out their working rhythms, dreams and desires, generational legacies of hard labour and their relationships to the sea and the fish as a sacred natural resource.

Leipzig, Germany
Delhi, India

An MA in English Literature, Renu Savant worked as a journalist with Indian Express, a Lecturer in Royal College and assisted senior artists and practitioners - Kamal Swaroop, Madhushree Dutta and Chetan Datar. An alumnus of FTII, she has won two National Awards.

  • Researcher, Script Writer: Renu Savant
  • Cinematographer: Sunayana Singh
  • Sound Recordists: Ved Madesia, Moinak Bose
  • Sound Post-Producer: Sidhardh Ramesh
  • Editor: Rikhav Desai
  • Assistant, Production Manager: Omkar Dhanawade
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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