Sulh-e-Kul by Zorawar Shukla

The Film Captures the allure of one of the most important Muslim sites of pilgrimage in South Asia, Ajmer Dargah Sharif, the tomb of the venerated Sufi Saint, Kwajha Gharib Nawaz (Patron of the Poor).

Suva, Fiji (Award)
Dharamsala, India

Zorawar Shukla is a filmmaker and founder of One Duniya Productions. His interest in film was born while working as an Assistant Director on the sets of Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children. He holds a degree in Communication Studies from Emerson College, Boston. Zorawar is also a stage entertainer with the reggae music group, Reggae Rajahs.

  • Cinematographer: Varun Dutt
  • Sound Recordist, Designer: Ankur Pandey
  • Editor: Vivan Chopra
  • Production Manager: Varun Batra
  • Titles and Graphics Designer: Adhish Duggal
  • Project Partner: External Publicity and Public Diplomacy Division

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