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The Outside In by Hansa Thapliyal

Two women work with everyday materials to make small human figures - dolls! The Film looks closer at these dolls, their makers and the making, expressing how making with our hands can make windows in the walls we find ourselves imprisoned in. Can there be methods of making that invite more people to make along with us? Those that can connect us to our deeper selves and to the worlds we choose to ignore? That can let the outside in?

Hansa Thapliyal is a filmmaker and writer who has worked with material, seeking new ways of making. She is also a teacher and workshop facilitator. She has worked previously on digital archiving and collaborated on a creative project on early Indian cinema. She has worked across fiction and non-fiction forms. Lately, her work has begun integrating stop motion and animation, in an attempt to make the screen feel more material.

  • Cinematographer: Arun Karthick
  • Sound Recording, Design: Ved Madesia
  • Editors: Lavanya Ramaiah, Hansa Thapliyal
  • Animation: Hansa Thapliyal with Milan Khanolkar, Arun Karthick, Ved Madesia, Vinay Ghodgeri, Lavanya Ramaiah
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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