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The Quantum Indians by Raja Choudhury

The Quantum Indians is the compelling and inspirational story of three Indian scientists -Satyendra Nath Bose, C.V. Raman and Meghnad Saha - who revolutionised the world of Physics and Indian Science in the early part of the 20th Century.

Golden Beaver, Rashtriya Vigyan Chalachitra Mela
National Film Award, India

Raja Choudhury is an award-winning multimedia producer and filmmaker who has created films, websites and digital media campaigns in the US, UK and India. His acclaimed films include Spirituality in the Modern World: A Dialogue with Ken Wilber and Traleg Rinpoche and The Modern Mystic on Sri M of Madanapalle.

  • Cinematography: Lakshman Chandra Anand
  • Sound: Shailendra Singh
  • Editing and Visual Effects: Nitin Tyagi
  • Narration: David Vickery
  • MUSIC : Sandy Singh
  • Project Partner: External Publicity and Public Diplomacy Division

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