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Submit a Proposal

We urge you to read our Commissioning Procedure and FAQs before proceeding further.

We are not inviting any proposals currently.

If you feel you have something exciting to propose, outside of our commissioning window, please submit your Proposal, under our General Call for Proposals, open throughout the year.

Submission Guidelines

  • You are required to sign in, register and submit your proposal through our online Proposal Submission Interface.
  • Please ensure that you create a unique password for this interface. Do not sign in with your email passwords.
  • The Director and Co-Director profiles you create can be edited and updated once submitted, but once a proposal is submitted, it cannot be updated, modified or overwritten.
  • An applicant will be allowed to submit no more than ONE Proposal under a category.
  • A maximum of two applicants will be allowed per proposal.
  • If you choose to copy material from a document, please use Notepad or its equivalent program to do so, in order to ensure that the text in the Proposal is not distorted. You could also use the Paste from Word icon in the Proposal Form.
  • Please note that saving your proposal is NOT equivalent to submitting it.
  • Write to us at proposals@psbt.org in case you face trouble filling or submitting your proposal.
  • You cannot submit a proposal to us if we already have a proposal from you that is under active consideration or you are currently making a film with us.
  • At any given time, only one project can be commissioned to a filmmaker, irrespective of the number of proposals from them, short listed for further consideration.