In the lens of the beholder


Aparna Sanyal’s documentary on Shovana Narayan aims to reveal to a general audience the making of a great artist.

Anyone who knows Shovana Narayan knows her ringing laughter, the kind not always expected in polite diplomatic circles.

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Documentary ‘Koothu’ puts the spotlight on a vibrant theatre tradition from Tamil Nadu


Sandhya Kumar’s documentary will be screened at the Open Frame festival in New Delhi.

The day has ended for some but is only beginning for others in a village near Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. It’s time for a Koothu performance.

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Epic Journeys


Gods from mythology and heroes from the margins populate the koothu stage — and Sandhya Kumar’s film on this theatre form from Tamil Nadu.

In the dark of the night, old feuds play out on the koothu stage. In one scene, the Pandavas lose in a game of dice.

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Executing justice or people? ‘The Death Of Us’ debates the effectiveness of capital punishment


Vani Subramanian’s documentary will be screened at PSBT’s Open Frame festival in Delhi.

Vani Subramanian’s documentary The Death Of Us opens with a menacing sequence. A long and thick straw rope twists and turns like a snake before transforming itself into a hangman’s knot.

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Broadening the frame


A package of films on gender and sexuality is part of this year’s Open Frame festival

Of the hundreds of stories in the 41 films at this year’s Open Frame Film Festival, there are two that take a surprising turn. One of these is from Mitali Trivedi and Gagandeep Singh’s Please Mind The Gap. Anshuman, a transman living in Delhi, narrates a strange encounter he had on the metro, when a man kept staring at him.

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A festival of realities


The 18th edition of the Open Frame Film Festival is back with a stellar line-up of documentaries and film discussions

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In the documentary ‘Vaikhari’, a poetic exploration of music’s language of rhythms


Lubdhak Chatterjee’s documentary Vaikhari has much to offer to connoisseurs of classical music and dance. The Public Service Broadcasting Trust production is dedicated to Padhant, the art of reciting mnemonic and rhythmic syllables in Hindustani classical music and dance forms such as Kathak.

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Documentaries workshops and more at PSBT’s annual festival ‘Open Frame’


The Public Service Broadcasting Trust’s annual documentary film festival, Open Frame, will be held in New Delhi’s India International Centre from September 10-18. The event is being organised in partnership with Doordarshan, India International Centre, Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and International Public Television or INPUT.

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