PSBT Challenge old



PSBT has been at the forefront of creatively engaging with the socio-political realities of our times and providing an empowering context to filmmakers to tell their stories and interpret the environment around them. The unprecedented Corona virus pandemic has thrown up many critical questions in terms of livelihood, the production, distribution and reception of films and indeed, the meaning and value of life itself.

Given the already challenging circumstances of independent documentary practice in India, made worse by the pandemic, PSBT feels the imperative to provide an opportunity to people across the country to use the film form to engage with the pandemic, creatively interpret its multi-dimensional impact and create a visual record of the moment, for times to come. Through these Awards, we also wish to encourage both filmmakers and amateur storytellers to engage with the possibilities of filmmaking through a crisis like this and award those who demonstrate excellence and promise.

Watch this space for the announcement of the challenge on October 26th, 2020.