A Dam Old Story by Tarini Manchanda

A film about Himachal Pradesh’s precious Renuka Valley – home to biodiverse forests, fertile lands and people who have been living and farming in India’s northern mountains for generations. This Valley lies in the submergence area of a dam project that is meant to supply Delhi with water. The Film takes a look at the stakes for this dam and asks whether Delhi needs this dam or Himachal’s water, at all.

Bangalore; Delhi; Shimla; India

Tarini Manchanda is interested in peoples’ movements, ecology and likes telling stories through film. A major in Environmental Policy from Colby College, Maine, USA, her first film was Narmada Rising and since then, she has worked on several others.

  • Sound Recordist and Mixer: Amit Kumar
  • Graphics Designer: Bhagwati Prasad
  • Music Composers: Chayan Adhikari, Ritwick De, Patrick Metzger, Ned Warner
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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