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Voice of Siang by Joor Baruah

Far East at the Himalayan border of India and China, live the indigenous Adi people, with a unique culture with animistic rituals around nature. The elegant Siang that originates in Tibet and flows down through the Adi villages is the new battleground for power. Alongside its blue waters, amidst green mountains and pristine valleys, drift voices - unheard, unwritten and unsung. A series of encounters with the Adis, near the old town of Pasighat, this is a tale of their inspiring resilience and hope.

Joor Baruah is interested in using documentary, films and music for social change. He has an M.A. in Social Documentation from the University of California and served as an Associate Filmmaker at the University's Investigative Reporting Program. His film Adi | At the Confluence has screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide, won ten Best Film Awards and was selected for the PBS POV Digital Lab.

  • Cinematographer, Sound Recordist, Music Designer: Joor Baruah
  • Editor: Samujjal Kashyap
  • Music Composer: Chandan Das
  • Sound Mixer: Diganta Sharma
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

Festival, screening and distribution queries: distribution@psbt.org