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A Sticky Wicket by Yasmin Kidwai and Fazal Kidwai

The Film is about a group of girls who live in Shahbad Dairy, on the outskirts of Delhi, bound by tradition, social norms, gender and crime that infests the area. Toilets are a luxury and evening meals banned. In the midst of their daily routines of cooking, cleaning and looking after younger siblings, enters cricket and gives them hope and wings to fly.

Yasmin Kidwai is a Delhi-based award-winning documentary filmmaker. In the last nineteen years, she has made almost 50 films, focussing on rural and social development issues. Her work has affected changes in government policy and pioneered methods of funding and showcasing films.

Fazal Kidwai has been involved in filmmaking for the past eleven years as a producer, director and casting. A graduate from the Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, Fazal has worked for documentary films, television shows, ad films and advocacy films.

  • Cinematographer: Purshitam Chaudhary
  • Research: Prateek Goyal
  • Script: Yasmin Kidwai
  • Sound: Kailash, Naveen, Gajender
  • Editor: Jitender Chaudhary
  • Music: Raging Bulls Entertainment
  • Project Partner: Films Division

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