The Policing Langur by Ajay Bedi and Vijay Bedi

The Film explores colourful vistas of the man-monkey relationship in India through Raju – a pet langur – and his owner, hired to guard strategic government buildings in Delhi.

Panda Awards, UK (Award)
Delhi, India (Award)
Ranchi; Hyderabad; Guwahati; Chennai; Chandigarh; India

Ajay Bedi and Vijay Bedi are experienced filmmakers who have mastered the art of story-telling through scriptwriting, shooting, editing and directing films with originality. In recognition of excellence of their work, they have been awarded several national and international awards.

  • Cinematographers: Vijay Bedi, Ajay Bedi
  • Sound Recordist, Editor: Ajay Bedi
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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