All Roads Lead to Cinema by Sumit Khanna

The Film offers glimpses into the lives of assistant directors in an attempt to understand their role in the filmmaking process - how some have realised their dreams whereas most others are driven to the point of despair.

Mumbai, India

Sumit Khanna started his career working as an assistant to directors Aziz Mirza, Saeed Mirza and Meghna Gulzar on various feature films and documentaries. He made his first independent documentary, for PSBT, on the lives of assistant directors in the Mumbai film industry. Since then, he has made numerous documentaries, corporate films and promos for feature films. He was associate producer on the acclaimed film Parzania. His films Mere Desh ki Dharti and The Man who Dwarfed the Mountains, for PSBT, won National Awards and Movement, A World, A Cinema - the Indian New Wave, screened at the National Museum of Indian Cinema.

  • Cinematographer: Chandra Sekhar Reddy
  • Sound Recordists: Debashish Mishra, Anita Kushwaha, Sharif Barkatulla
  • Editor: Aarif Sheikh
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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