All The Worlds' A Stage by Nirmal Chander

The Film weaves together the lives and aspirations of a motley group of men who form an internationally successful performance group called Sidi Goma. It celebrates the joyous energy of their songs and dances, while tracing their struggle to survive in a world that threatens to marginalise them even further.

Mumbai, India (Award)
Kabul, Afghanistan (Award)
Kathmandu, Nepal (Award)
Thiruvananthapuram, India (Award)
Indore, India (Award)
Tartu, Estonia,
San Diego, USA
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Leeds, England
Kathmandu, Nepal
Delhi; Bhubaneswar; India

Nirmal Chander is an award winning filmmaker who has been working for over two decades in the field of documentaries as producer, director, cinematographer, researcher, script writer and editor. His films Dreaming Taj Mahal, Sab Lila Hai, The Face Behind the Mask and Zikr Us Parivash Ka, among others, have been lauded for their humanistic approach and have travelled to many international film festivals. Nirmal also conducts workshops on filmmaking.

  • Cinematographer and Location Sound Recordist: Nirmal Chander
  • Editors: Nirmal Chander, Reena Mohan
  • Sound Designer and Mixer: Boby John
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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