Ormajeevikal (Memory Beings) by Sudha Padmaja Francis

An impressionistic film that paints a picture of Kozhikode in North Kerala and the spiritual immersion of its ordinary town-dwellers in music. A reflective essay traversing a music culture that is cosmopolitan, having strong local and global influences, it explores the music and memories of the city and its people.

Taipei, Taiwan
Gyor, Hungary
Missouri, USA
Delhi; Trivandrum; Kolkata; Thrissur; India

Sudha Padmaja Francis is a filmmaker from Kerala, who studied Creative Enterprise (Film) at the University of Reading, UK, and Cultural Studies at Hyderabad. A recipient of the Felix Scholarship, her first short film, Eye Test, won the National Award for Best Cinematography, along with other awards, and screened at many international festivals. Sudha writes on cinema and has published several poems in English.

  • Script Writer, Researcher: Sudha Padmaja Francis
  • Cinematographer: Appu Prabhakar
  • Editors: Sudha Padmaja Francis, Minu Abubaker
  • Location Sound Recordist: Adarsh Joseph Palamattom
  • Sound Designer: Dawn Vincent
  • Assistant Director: Appu
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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