Apna Aloo Bazaar Becha by Pankaj H. Gupta

Jardhar, a village in the Hemval Valley of Garhwal, led an isolated, egalitarian existence until a series of events forced it into joining the market economy. Based entirely on local perspectives, the Film reflects on the process of change the shift to modernisation and its impact on personal, social and environmental spaces.

Rodos, Greece (Award)
Lisbon, Portugal
Rome, Italy
Kathmandu, Nepal
Delhi; Goa; Thiruvananthapuram; Chennai; Puri; Shimla; Thrissur; Mumbai; India

Pankaj H. Gupta divides his time between making documentaries and advising multilateral agencies on rural poverty alleviation. He has worked on a number of community videos, advocacy films, factual series for television and documentaries.

  • Cinematographers and Sound Recordists: Gautam Sonti, Pankaj H. Gupta
  • Editors: Umesh Gupta, Pankaj H. Gupta
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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