Art in Exile by Nidhi Tuli and Ashraf Abbas

A film about Tibetans living in exile in India and the role their art is playing in keeping their identity and the larger Free Tibet Movement alive.

Los Angeles, USA
Milan, Italy
London, UK
Paris, France
Mumbai; Pune; Bhubaneswar; India

Nidhi Tuli is a script writer and documentary filmmaker. She was awarded the Charles Wallace Scholarship to pursue Masters’ in Feature Film Screenwriting from the Royal Holloway, London. While at UK, she won the Raindance Film Pitch Competition at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Nidhi has directed and produced the much acclaimed documentary Ladies Special that won the John Abraham National Award and the George Ragot love the Train Award at Cine Rail Paris. Her television show Khata Rahe Mera Dil on Food Food was awarded as the Best Travel Show at the Indian Telly Awards.

Ashraf Abbas has extensive experience in advertising and films through his association with Lock Stock and Barrel films as an Executive Producer and Production Designer.

  • Cinematographers: Ashraf Abbas, Janardhan
  • Sound Recordist: Rajesh Parmar
  • Editors: Rajesh Parmar, Shan Mohammad
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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