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Bare by Santana Issar

A visual representation of an inner feeling… made with stock home video, it expresses the filmmaker’s feelings towards her alcoholic father, the soundtrack being a telephone conversation.

François Ode Award, Hamburg Film Festival
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival
Forum Expanded, Berlinale
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan
Audience Award, Stranger than Fiction Film Festival, Ireland
Award, Hong Kong Short Film and Video Awards
INPUT, Lugano, Switzerland
New York Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Germany Filmfest, Weiterstadt
Durban Film Festival
Brisbane Film Festival
Hungary Festival
Kasseler Dokumentarfilm-und Videofest
Issue San Gio Festival International Festival
Videoex Experimental Film and Video Festival, Zürich
Film Festival, Stuttgart, Germany
Experimenta: Festival of Experimental Cinema, Chicago
Lift Festival, Southbank
Asia Film Focus, Singapore
3rd i Film Festival, San Francisco
Film Southasia, Kathmandu
Kala Ghoda Art Film Festival, Bombay
Indian Documentary Producers’ Association Awards
Madurai Film Festival
3 Screens Film Festival, New Delhi
IAWRT Film Festival, New Delhi
ViBGYOR Film Festival, Thrissur
Chennai Film Festival
International Film Festival, Kerala
Experimenta Film Festival, Bangalore and Bombay
Films for Freedom, Bangalore
Film Festival, Jahangirabad Media Institute, Uttar Pradesh

A graduate in Economics, Santana Issar has worked with a news channel, on corporate films and assisted on documentaries. This is her first documentary.

  • Sound: Pritam Das
  • Sound: Ashhar Farooqui
  • Editing: Santana Issar, Pankaj Rishi Kumar
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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