Chilika Bank$: Stories from India's Largest Coastal Lake from 1970-2007 by Akanksha Joshi

In a canvas spread over four decades, a banyan tree, on the banks of the lake Chilika, silently whispers tales of the lake and her fisher folk. From the times when there was no export bazaar, to the time when there may be no lake.

New Delhi, India (Awards)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Rodos, Greece
Newfoundland, Canada
Bangalore; Goa; Chennai; Bhubaneswar; India

Akanksha Joshi is a story-teller who uses film, sound, dance to share her experiences of the visible and inner worlds. She is the recipient of many awards for cinematography and direction and has won a nomination for the Wild Screen Awards at Bristol. She continues to be a one woman film company, who films, edits, scripts and directs herself.

  • Script: Amrit Sagar
  • Cinematographer and Editor: Akanksha Joshi
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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