Devta Activists by Sanjay Barnela

An exploration of the role of traditional deities (devtas) of Kullu Valley in conservation and the fight for access to forest resources. The Film explores how local traditions negotiate with contemporary discourses of scientific conservation and national development.

Madurai, India (Award)
Delhi; Mumbai; Shimla; India

Sanjay Barnela is one of the founder members of Moving Images, a Delhi-based media production team. He has produced documentaries on a diverse range of issues, including the politics of water, conservation vs. livelihood, renewable energy technologies and high altitude mountain climbs in the Himalayas, several of which have been at international film festivals and have won awards too.

  • Script Writers: Amrit Sharma, Amit Mahanti
  • Cinematographers and Sound Recordists: Sanjay Barnela, Amrit Sharma, Amit Mahanti
  • Editor: Madhyama Subramanian
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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