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Dharma Dollies by Aruna Har Prasad

A look at stress and anxiety amongst the younger generation in urban India which drives them to all kinds of quick fix aids like Feng Shui, meditation and dancing. A new line of business activity, which has sprouted dozens of spiritual gurus all over India.

Festival of Documentaries, Goa

Aruna Har Prasad established KAS Movie Makers in 1988. She has worked on several international feature films such as Gandhi, The Sea Wolves, La Nint Bengalie and New Delhi Times. She has won various awards for her documentaries such astheNational Geographic Earthwatch Gold Award for Cultural Programming and the Margaret Mead Award for Best International Documentary.

  • Cinematography: Anil Chandel
  • Editing: V.G. Raja Ashok, Prashant Naik
  • Sound: Sanjay Kurian, Sathish
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

Festival, screening and distribution queries: distribution@psbt.org