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Eer - Stories in Stone by Shri Prakash

The Film is an attempt to document the unwritten histories of tribal people in India and explore the ways in which these communities have understood, recorded and kept alive their histories, with little access to the written word on the one hand and a complete absence from mainstream history on the other.

Film Festival Displaced, Finland
Siirretyt Film Festival, Helsinki
Mumbai International Film Festival
ViBGYOR Film Festival Kerala

Shriprakash is a filmmaker and activist working primarily in Jharkhand. He has directed several documentary films that have won awards at the Earth Vision Film Festival, Tokyo, the Thunderbird Film Festival, USA, and Film South Asia, Kathmandu. He was awarded the Special Filmmaker Award at Black International Cinema, Berlin.

  • Cinematography : Mithum Gomes, Shriprakash
  • Editing and Narration: Manasi Pingle
  • Sound Design: Amit Sharan
  • Music: Bhushan Mundu, Tej Mundu
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

Festival, screening and distribution queries: distribution@psbt.org