She, of the Four Names by Meeta Vasisht

Lal Ded (14thCentury, Kashmir), was a young woman of humble origins, who went on to becoming one of the greatest living poets and mystics. Loved and revered by both Hindus and Muslims of Kashmir, her life was one of constant transgressions, challenging political dogmas and religious fundamentalism. The Film moves between the deeply personal narratives about Lal Ded by the Kashmiris to fictionalised depictions of her life.

Meeta Vasisht is a graduate of the National School of Drama with a specialisation in Acting and a post graduate in English Literature. Her first professional assignments were the avant garde and art house films of Kumar Shahani, Mani Kaul and Govind Nihalani. In a career spanning two decades, Meeta has written, produced and directed several short feature films for television and worked in theatre – as director, actor, writer.

  • Cinematographer: Vidhushi Tiwari
  • Editor: Sanjib Datta
  • Sound Designer: Abhijeet Roy

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