First Cry by Ajay T. G.

The story of a remarkable hospital in the mining township of Dalli-Rajhara Chattisgarh - Shahid (Martyrs) Hospital, paid for and built by the voluntary labour of daily-wage contract miners which successfully provides modern health care to workers, adivasis and the poor.

Thrissur; Kolkata; Chennai; Gorakhpur; Madurai, India

Actively involved in local politics since his school days, Ajay T G is a filmmaker and human rights activist, working with the Chhattisgarh People’s Union for Civil Liberties. He has also been working as research assistant to social anthropologists on projects related to industrialisation, artisans, caste and labour. Trained in all aspects of film production at the European Union-sponsored film training Diploma course in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Ajay’s film Living Memory was screened at the South Asian Documentaries and Films Festival, King’s College, and the Cambridge South Asia Forum, Cambridge. He is also a photographer- his photo-exhibition, Potters in Chhattisgarh was hosted at Shepherd’s Bush Public Library and Hammersmith Public Library, London

  • Cinematographer: Ajay T. G.
  • Sound Recordist: Bhishm Dev
  • Editor: Shikha Sen
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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