Making India Accessible by Pankaj Johar

The Accessible India Campaign launched in December 2015 was the first such by the Government. Three years hence, sensitivity and awareness have increased manifold but has the situation on the ground changed? Through the daily experiences of a range of people living with varying degrees of disability, the Film offers glimpses of navigating disability-unfriendly city spaces.

Pankaj Johar worked as a television producer with India's leading broadcasters for a decade before founding his own production company. His work has been supported by IDFA Bertha Fund, Sundance Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, BRITDOC, BBC and ZDF Arte, among others. His film Shuttlecock Boys featured in almost all the top Indian critics' year-end lists of 2012. Pankaj has worked as consultant on Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan's popular show Satyameva Jayate.

  • Cinematographer, Script Writer: Pankaj Johar
  • Editors: Manohar Naik, Pankaj Johar
  • Sound Recordist: Kapil Dev singh
  • Colorist: Manohar Naik
  • Additional Cinematographer: Manohar Naik
  • Project Partner: Films Division

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