Jharia by Biju Toppo

A film about eighty-five-year-old Simon Uraon, the Water Man from Jharkhand, working relentlessly on water management and environmental protection in the villages of Jharkhand, since he was fourteen.

Biju Toppo is a two-time National-Award winning documentary filmmaker from Ranchi, Jharkhand. He is one of the first Adivasi filmmakers to have effectively used a camera to counter the misrepresentation of his community by the ‘mainstream’ media. Belonging to the Uraon community, he has made numerous documentaries on issues of land, displacement, migration, human rights, education and environment, under the aegis of his company, Akhra, in his effort to document peoples' movements. His films have received national and international recognition.

  • Cinematography: Biju Toppo
  • Editing, Sound: Rupesh Sahu
  • Additional Cinematography: Nabo Kumar, Rupesh Sahu, Joe Hill

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