Mann Faqeeri: Sufiyana Kalam of Kashmir by M. K. Raina

With the advent of Islam in Kashmir, a new cultural exchange took place among Central Asia, Persia and India resulting in a new syncretic cultural mosaic comprising essences of Islam, Shivism and Buddism. The Film explores this syncretic tradition, both past and present, through Sufiyana kalam of the Valley.

Mumbai; Panaji; India

M. K. Raina is an actor and director who has been working in theatre, films and television for four decades. He has been honoured with various awards, including the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, Sanskriti Samman and the B. V. Karanth Award for Lifetime Achievement in Theatre. He is deeply committed to the use of culture as a tool of intervention to bring about social change, and has worked variously to revive the arts in Kashmir.

  • Cinematographer: Anant Raina
  • Editor: Imran Khan
  • Sound Mixers: Jatin, Chandan, Harpreet
  • Project Partner: Films Division

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