Notes on Marital Violence by Bindu Nair

An intimate, intense portrait of the shadow cast by marital violence, through complicated personal stories of the filmmaker's mother, and her own marriage. A male friend, struggling with anger issues, who also grew up in a violent environment, opens up about the incident that ended his first marriage. As do other women, from varied backgrounds and ages, at different stages of dealing with marital violence, with many threads in common. A nuanced, insightful look at the roots of violence, the perpetuating cycles and their impact.

Ithaca, USA

Bindu Nair is a cinematographer, writer and director based in Pune. A graduate of the Film and Television Institute of India, her diploma film won two National Awards and was in Competition at Busan, among other festivals. She has made short films and documentaries that explore gender, media representation and human rights, some of which were broadcast and screened at several international film festivals.

  • Script Writer, Cinematographer: Bindu Nair
  • Sound Recordist: Khalled Shah
  • Editors: Bindu Nair, Vaishnavi Bhate
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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