Sama: Muslim Mystic Music of India by Shazia Khan

The Film explores Islamic music traditions in India and their interactions with other traditions, to become a truly magnificent sound. It discovers that connection which allows the artist to become one with the creator and experience peace, calm, serenity and joy.

Taipei, Taiwan
Kathmandu, Nepal
New York, USA
Cardiff, UK
Rome, Italy
Tehran, Iran
Tartu, Estonia
Agadir, Morocco
Catarina, Mexico
Mumbai; Chennai; Thrissur; Madurai; Panaji; India

Shazia Khan is an award-winning filmmaker, working as director, cinematographer and producer, drawing upon her life experiences. Her internationally acclaimed and screened films Caravan, Salam India and Sama - Muslim Mystic Music of India, profoundly document the historical, ethnographic and spiritual coexistence of Muslims in the largest democracy of the world. Her work has been shown on several international channels such as Aljazeera, BBC, Dutch TV, etc.

  • Director of Photography: Shazia Khan
  • Cinematographers: Salim Khan, Mohammad Younis Zargar
  • Sound Recordist: Divender Singh
  • Editors: A.K Ranjit, Pratik Purkayastha, Saba Rehman
  • Project Partner: External Publicity and Public Diplomacy Division

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