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Rahashyar Bitchaku (Seven Hundred Zero Zero Seven) by Altaf Mazid

Ranju Hazarika is a popular pulp fiction writer in Assam, writing relentlessly in Assamese since the 1970s. Most Assamese kids of the 70s and 80s started their reading habits on unforgettable characters created by him, with themes ranging from detective and horror stories to social romance. The Film is an enquiry into Ranju Hazarika’s life and work - unfolding the man in an unconventional way.

Golden Conch, Mumbai International Film Festival
Indian Documentary Producers’ Association Awards
ViBGYOR Film Festival, Kerala
International Film Festival, Kerala

Altaf Mazid was a film critic turned filmmaker. He has written extensively on cinema in Assam and has been on the juries of International Film Festival of India; International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam; Yamagata, Japan; Mumbai International Film Festival, Moscow and Cannes, besides being invited to Fajr Film Festival, Tehran, as guest critic. In 2004, he reconstructed the first Assamese film Joymoti from found footage that premiered internationally at Stuttgart with subsequent screenings at Asiaticafilmmediale, Rome and the Munich Film Festivals. He won National Awards for Best Film Critic and Best Anthropological/ Ethnographic Film.

  • Cinematography: Arnab Gayan,Topo Xavier, Jiten Boro
  • Sound: Debajit Gayan
  • Editing: W Dorendra
  • Project Partner: Films Division

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