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Raja Hindustani by Arvind Sinha

For several months each year, hundreds of wayside performers called ‘Nats’ make the chaotic and colourful metropolis of Calcutta their temporary home. The Film takes a macro and micro view of the community in the backdrop of a totally insensitive ‘mainstream’ India, unwilling to provide any physical space to marginals such as these.

Sardinia, Italy
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Meath, Ireland
Edinburg, Scotland
Trivandrum, India

Arvind Sinha is a leading documentary filmmaker who has won eight National Awards and some of the most prestigious awards in the world for his films. He has served on the juries of many international and national film festivals.

  • Cinematographer: Ranjan Palit
  • Location Sound Recordist: Partha Barman
  • Editors: Amitabh Chakraborty, Amit Debnath
  • Sound Mixer: Subhadeep Sengupta
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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