Reviving Faith - A Himalayan Journey by Rishu Nigam

The Film takes its viewers into the sacred groves of the Himalayas that are still alive because of the faith of its people. It traces the struggles of the people to save their forests from being plundered, as they crumble under the pressure of countless development projects.

Delhi, India (Award)
Bentivegna, Italy
Kathmandu, Nepal
Stuttgart, Germany
Rodos, Greece
Shimla; Mumbai; Delhi; Rajpur; India

Rishu Nigam has been associated with TERI for many years. Her films have focused on varied issues of environmental conservation and human development, including Terravision - a documentary series and Terraquiz.

  • Cinematographer: Gurmeet Sapal
  • Location Sound Recordist: Rajeev Rastogi
  • Editor: Pooja Iyengar
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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