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Sab Lila Hai by Nirmal Chander

About 20 kms from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh are two villages – Rudahi where mainly Hindus live and Bargadi, where predominantly Muslims live. Thousands have been killed in the name of Ram and Allah in India, but for the past forty years, against all odds, the Hindus and Muslims of the these villages have together staged the annual Ram Lila, an epic depicting the life of the Hindu god, Ram, in which all the main roles are played by Muslims. Will the two committees be able to put aside their differences and preserve the tradition of the area?

Mumbai International Film Festival

Nirmal Chander is an award winning filmmaker who has been working for over two decades in the field of documentaries as producer, director, cinematographer, researcher, script writer and editor. His films All the World's a Stage, Dreaming Taj Mahal, The Face Behind the Mask and Zikr Us Parivash Ka, among others, have been lauded for their humanistic approach and have travelled to many international film festivals. Nirmal also conducts workshops on filmmaking.

  • Cinematography, Location Sound and Narration : Nirmal Chander
  • Editing: Nirmal Chander, Reena Mohan
  • Sound Design: Boby John
  • Project Partner: Films Division

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