Sita's Family by Saba Dewan

The Film delves into the personal exploration of a daughter trying to find answers to her present by dwelling into the past of her mother Sita who had been active in the struggle against colonialism.

Zanzibar International Film Festival
Film Southasia, Nepal
Münster Ethno-Film Festival, Germany
Another World Film Festival, Asia Social Forum
IV Fest, Trivandrum
Films for Freedom: Documentary Film Festival, Bangalore
Vikalp- Films for Freedom, Mumbai
Chennai Film Festival
Persistence Resistance Film Festival, New Delhi
Nazariya Film Festival, Ahmedabad
Moving Images Film Festival, Hyderabad
International Film Festival, Kerala

Saba Dewan is an independent documentary filmmaker whose work has focused on communalism, gender and sexuality.

  • Cinematographer: Rahul Roy
  • Sound Recordist: Asheesh Pandya
  • Editor: M K Srinivas
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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