Sonpur Mela by Sudesh Unniraman

As the country’s landscape gets filled with malls and hypermarkets, what is happening to large melas and haats that used to thrive in rural India and smaller towns? The Film looks at the experience of the Sonpur Mela through the eyes of visitors, some who have been coming for years and others who have returned and are surprised at what it has to offer.

Toronto, Canada
Golemog, Serbia
Mumbai; Delhi; Bhubaneshwar; Thrissur; India

Sudhesh Unniraman has over two decades of experience on projects for television and development focused organisations. He has produced over 500 hours of broadcast programmes, for telecast on BBC World, Travel Channel UK, Doordrashan and Star TV, among others, and directed advocacy films for organisations such as UNICEF, UNIFEM, BBC Trust, PLAN International and The Hunger Project.

  • Cinematographers: Manoranjan Jena, Karan Thapliyal, Dilip Choudhari
  • Sound Recordists: Bhavesh Kumar, Shailender Singh
  • Music Composer: Gaurav Chintamani
  • Narrator: Mona Mishra
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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