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Stained Glass by Meera Dewan

The Film is a sequel to Whose Children? made in 1986 - a portrait of child workers in the glass factories of Firozabad. Two and a half decades and two anti-child labour laws later, the Film revisits the same town, the same children, now with children of their own.

Pune, India

Meera Dewan has extensively filmed documentaries in India, South Asia, Vietnam, Germany and Canada. Her films have won over 21 international and national awards, including at the Festival de films du femmes, France; Oberhausen and Leipzig among others. She curates film programmes and has been on the juries of the Oberhausen, Leipzig, Okomedia, Freiberg, and the Indian Panorama.

  • Cinematographers: Amarjeet, Sushmit Ghosh, Hitesh Kumar
  • Sound Recordist: Varun Sahini
  • Editors: Satya Vivvek, Vishal Chauhan
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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