The Call of Khandadhar by Tarun Kumar Mishra

The primitive Paudi Bhuinyas of Khandadhar Hills in Odisha have grown up in a culture of co-existence, with trees, rivers, streams, animals and birds, profoundly threatened by mining. Their Maha Sardar, Bilua Naik, articulates with wisdom, in a language difficult to ignore, the agonies and anguish of the people and their earth.

Tarun Kumar Mishra has a Master’s in Performing Arts from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. Tarun began his journey as a cameraperson and soon began directing films of his own. He has contributed to the making of over 25 documentaries by Samadrusti and an ecological biography in association with the University of Toronto.

  • Cinematographers: Indranil Lahiri, Tarun Mishra
  • Editor: Ajay TG
  • Sound Recordist: Indranil Lahiri
  • Graphic Artist: Somnath Rout
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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