The Journey of the Tales of the Tribes

The Film travels to different locations in Central and North East India to discover the context for the folktales and cultures that inspired the Tales of the Tribes animated series to shed light on the role of storytelling in these traditional societies.

Tara Douglas was born in India. After graduating in Animation from West Surrey College of Art and Design (UK) in 1993, she co-founded the Adivasi Arts Trust. She completed a Professional Doctorate, Tales of the Tribes: Animation as a Tool for Indigenous Representation at Bournemouth University. This practice-led research produced a new collection of short animation films made in collaboration with indigenous communities in India, the Tales of the Tribes. Tara is also Trustee of the Trust for Tribal Art Culture and Knowledge.

  • Researcher, Script Writer, Sound Recordist: Tara Douglas
  • Cinematographers: Tara Douglas, Tatizan Lepcha, Passang Tenzing Lepcha, Tepeto Richa, Soibam Pibaren Meitei, Ribya Kime
  • Editors: Tara Douglas, Aseem Achintya
  • Music Composers: Narayandeen Tekam, Ketuoravi- ü Marina, Mickma Lepcha, Rewben Mashangva
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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