The Lijjat Sisterhood by Kadhambari Chintamani and Ajit Oomen

The Film documents the success story of a three hundred crore women’s cooperative - the Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad.

National Film Awards, India (Award)
Brisbane, Australia
Puri; Chennai; India

Kadhambari Chintamani's career in the film and television industry includes films and shows created for India’s premier production houses like Moving Pictures, Mudra News and Features, NDTV and Television Bazaar.

Ajit Oomen began his television career as an advertising copywriter, but the desire to do substantial television saw him move into directing current affairs and information based programmes – India Business Week for Star Plus, Style for BBC World and India dot com for CNN.

  • Script: Mahesh Jayaraman
  • Cinematographer: Prakash Simwal
  • Location Sound Recordist: Murugan
  • Editor: Munishwer Singh
  • Narrator: Kadhambari Chintamani
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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