Koi Chand Bhi Nahin (There is no Moon) by Ajay T. G.

The Film bears witness to the gross neglect of environmental and human rights Chhattisgarh. Based on the testimonials of one Adivasi family, affected by such development, it reveals how their homes are demolished and rich agricultural land looted.

Ajay T.G. is an independent filmmaker who has worked in varying capacities – as Producer, Director, Cameraperson and Editor – for 20 documentary films. His films include Andhere Se Pehele, Peheli Aavaaz and Living Memory, which have been screened variously. He is a human rights activist and a researcher on projects related to industrialisation, caste and labour and agrarian change in the context of development, whose photo-exhibition Potters in Chhattisgarh was hosted at Shepherd’s Bush Public Library and Hammersmith Public Library, London.

  • Editor, Researcher, Script Writer, Cinematographer: Ajay T. G.
  • Sound Recordist: Avneesh Sahu
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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