Tirupati: A Karmic Debt by Aruna Har Prasad

The Film captures the atmosphere of the Temple of Lord Venkateshwara at Tirupati and the beliefs of its devotees.

Prague, Czech Republic
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bhubaneswar; Bangalore; Dharamsala; India

Aruna Har Prasad established KAS Movie Makers in 1988. She has worked on several international feature films such as Gandhi, The Sea Wolves, La Nint Bengalie and New Delhi Times. She has won various awards for her documentaries such as the National Geographic Earthwatch Gold Award for Cultural Programming and the Margaret Mead Award for Best International Documentary.

  • Associate Director, Researcher: Rakhee Savithri
  • Cinematographers: Fowzia Fatima, Abhijith Sreekantan
  • Sound Recordist, Designer: Anandrag Veyattumal
  • Sound Mixer: T Krishanunni
  • Sound Editors: Rajeev Viswabaran, Rakesh Nair
  • Editor, Colourist: Ajay Kuyiloor
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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