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Village of Dust, City of Water by Sanjay Barnela 

A film that negotiates the rough terrain of water use and misuse across India

Antelope Award, Wild Life Asia Film Festival, Singapore
Verviers, Au Film de l’eau Film Festival, Belgium
Film Southasia,Nepal
Internationales eau et cinema, Istanbul
Margaret Mead Traveling Festival, Bangalore
Toxic Links, Environmental Film Festival, Delhi
Quotes from the Earth Traveling Film Festival
SiGNS, Kerala
Voices from the Waters- International Film Festival on Water, Bangalore
One Billion Film Festival, Chennai

Sanjay Barnela is one of the founder members of Moving Images, a Delhi-based media production team. He has produced documentaries on a diverse range of issues, including the politics of water, conservation vs. livelihood, renewable energy technologies and high altitude mountain climbs in the Himalayas, several of which have been at international film festivals and have won awards too.

  • Cinematography and Sound: Sanjay Barnela
  • Editing: Samreen Farroqui, Anjali Khosla
  • Music: Ashar Farooqui
  • Narration: Anjali Khosla, Maya Khosla, Samreen Farooqui, Seema Chishti
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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