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We are Foot Soldiers by Debolina Dutta and Oishik Sircar

Amra Padatik an organization formed by the children of sex workeers in Kolkata’s Sonagachi, whose entangled realities do not paint a picture of helplessness, but of political assertiveness and social consciousness.

Delhi, India (Award)
Hamburg, Germany
Edinburg, Scotland
San Francisco, USA
Delhi; Thrissur; Kolkata; India

Debolina Dutta and Oishik Sircar are human rights lawyers and independent researchers. This is their second documentary.

  • Cinematographer and Sound Recordist: Anindya Shankar Das
  • Editors: Prachi Tulshan, Anindya Shankar Das
  • Graphics Editors and Animators: Anirban Ghosh, Sudhakar B
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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