Accsex by Shweta Ghosh

The Film explores notions of beauty, the ‘ideal body’ and sexuality through four storytellers - women who happen to be persons with disability. It traces their journeys as they reclaim agency and the right to unapologetic confidence, sexual expression and happiness.

National Film Awards, India (Award)
Belgrade, Serbia (Award)
Norway (Award)
Delhi, India (Award)
Sydney, Australia
Alberta, Canada
Kathmandu, Nepal
Bhubaneswar; Bangalore; Thrissur; Delhi; Ahmedabad; Kolkata; India

Shweta Ghosh is a documentary filmmaker and researcher. A silver medalist from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, she has explored her interest in food, travel, music and disability through various research and film projects.

  • Cinematogrpaher: Divya Cowasji
  • Sound Recordist: Priiya
  • Script Writer and Editor: Shweta Ghosh
  • Illustrator: Natasha Taraporevala
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

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