Adoor…A Journey in Frames by Rajiv Mehrotra and Vipin Vijay

Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s films map the history of the region from the inside. This Documentary looks at how the filmmaker dealt with human conditions at the most elemental level with a sensibility that makes his films universal in appeal.

Delhi; Bhubaneswar; India

Rajiv Mehrotra, an alumnus of the Universities of Oxford and Columbia, is a writer, television producer-director, documentary filmmaker and Managing Trustee of PSBT. He is best known as the former acclaimed host of one of India's longest running talk shows on public television, In Conversation. This Film was made by him in 1999.

Vipin Vijay graduated from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, and received the Charles Wallace Arts Award for research at the British Film Institute, London, and India Office Records, London. His films have won the short Tiger Award, Rotterdam; National Award, India; Golden Pearl, HIFF and Kodak Award, among others. He is the recipient of the prestigious Sanskriti Award for Cultural Achievement in Filmmaking.

  • Cinematographers: M Ravi Verma, Rajiv Mehrotra, Reju R Ambadi
  • Sound Recordists: Hari, P D Valson, V Antony, Athira
  • Editors: Reena Mohan, Vandana Kohli, Anu George
  • Project Partner: External Publicity and Public Diplomacy Division

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