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And you thought you Knew me by Pramada Menon

Told through the stories of five People Assigned Gender Female at Birth (PAGFB), set against the backdrop of Delhi, a tapestry of images and metaphors, that invites one to re-engage with and rethink the notion of the other, the ‘sexual deviant’

Seattle Film Festival
Sydney Film Festival
Yangon LGBT Film Festival, Burma
Film Festival, Stuttgart, Germany
Bangalore Film Festival
Calcutta Film Festival
Reel Desires, Chennai International Festival

Pramada Menon is a queer feminist activist who has diverse interests and multiple identities. She has worked in the women’s rights and social justice field for more than two decades and is the Co-Founder of CREA, a feminist human rights organisation based in New Delhi. This is her debut film

  • Cinematography: Sushmit Ghosh, Uma Tanuku, Manak Matiyani
  • Location Sound: Uma Tanuku
  • Editing: Vishal Chauhan
  • Sound Design: Asheesh Pandya
  • Project Partner: Doordarshan

Festival, screening and distribution queries: distribution@psbt.org